What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Morning fog rolls in over the water, enveloping us in eerie mystery. The first leaves are starting to change as sunrise air brings the first shivers in months. One of the biggest festivals of the year, The Port Townsend Film Festival, has come to a close. Filmmakers have come and gone, and the downtown streets, still teeming with people just a few days ago, are quiet and subdued. For the first time in decades, after leaving Houston’s endless summer, I am experiencing the onset of fall.

Many have warned me of the rain, darkness, and gloom that are due to arrive, but I look forward to it. There is so much to do here, and it’s hard in our first year to say no to any of it. I’ve had a number of adventures, but I’m ready to turn inward again, and I find the moody mornings somehow soothing. As the pace is just starting to slow, I will keep the blog to once a week for now, until I get my “sea legs” back.

There are many stories to tell and adventures to share in the weeks to come, but I’ll start with a few photos of “what I did on my summer vacation.” Enjoy!

I watched as rainbows formed over the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

I harvested bounty from the garden.

I had my first taste of a Wooden Boat Festival.

I picked, froze, dehydrated, ate, and cooked mass quantities of figs from a backyard tree!

Here’s my first, awkward skein of homespun wool. I took a three-part class on spinning. Next up? I wash, dry, and comb a fleece from a sheep named Huckleberry.

No matter the time of day, something interesting always goes on outside my window…but I love mornings the best!