and next week will get back to a regular posting schedule.

The Fairmont Empress at night. Great place for high tea!

A Nod to the Holidays

A lot of bloggers are filling pages with tales of holiday shopping, decorating, and food preparation. As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I can’t really add to the discussion…but a recent day trip to Victoria, B.C., at least left me with some photos to share! Whether it’s gingerbread houses or teddy bears, the good folks of Victoria are geared up for the season with plenty of fun stuff.

We’re back in Houston, and I have the snifflies and sneezies today, so I’ll keep things brief. Enjoy the photos, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

The pendulum actually moves!
Paris and Gingerbread! Two of my favorites!
This Way to the Gingerbread Houses!
Prince Bear
The Bear Formerly Known as Prince
Grandma and Grandpa Bear