and next week will get back to a regular posting schedule.

The Fairmont Empress at night. Great place for high tea!

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  1. Glad to “see” you again, Nadine! Moving is hard work. I know you must be very tired. I’m glad you were able to take your trip. Great photos! Spring is a wonderful time for traveling. And for starting a new garden in a new place!

    • Thanks, Tina! It’s true, I’m pretty worn out from all of this, but things are coming together. Tomorrow I start attending gardening classes, which are offered for free here in town. I’m very excited!

  2. Nadine, so wonderful to see you posting again as well as getting settled into your new home! Isn’t it lovely when we fall in love with our new home, neighborhood, and city? Change is indeed a positive thing. Great photos! šŸ™‚

  3. I love that you are getting settled. “Settled in Seattle”. I just made myself laugh. :); I lived in the Seattle area for 7 years before moving to my home town two years ago. We lived in Redmond and then Kirkland and lastly Bellevue. I loved my time living there. Our first summer there, hubbys’ brother & his wife came for a visit. It was so much fun to explore our new town with them at the same time. šŸ™‚
    Victoria is amazing. I just went once. P.S. Thx for the kind word on my blog. šŸ™‚ You made my day

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting! I have a sister in Redmond. With the ferries we can get to the city in about two hours with low stress. Yesterday we drove to the Bainbridge Island ferry, walked on, then walked off for an afternoon at the Seattle Art Museum — then got back home in time for dinner. It was great.

      I’m looking forward to getting to know you better via your blog! It’s great to connect with people online that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

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