Blog Thursday: JoyZaChoice

Many years ago, during a time of crisis in my life when I felt that the “bad” stuff was never going to end, I had an epiphany. I decided to be happy in spite of all the crappy circumstances that were going on — and there were plenty of them. In a divine moment, I understood what my teachers had told me for half my life: that happiness is an inside job.

Of course, the problem with epiphanies is that they are often followed by, “Great! Now, what do I do with that information?” Over time, I learned that choosing happiness requires daily commitment. It does not deny the difficulties that happen, but it puts them in perspective. Choosing happiness doesn’t mean I don’t get grumpy, but I am at peace with my grumpiness and know it will pass. Whatever is going on in my life, I can experience a fundamental foundation of joy — and when I am not, I take a look inside to see what I need to adjust in life to bring me back to that place. Making that choice has created a compass for me to follow.

In order to feed that internal happiness, I look for books, music, etc., that lift me up when I’m feeling a little low. These spirit boosters help lift me on those days that I need a little help to remind me to make happiness a choice.

Every Thursday I try to find a blog to recommend that reflects and complements some aspect of what I want to convey at A Woman’s Nest. This week, I found a delightful blog called JoyZaChoice. I like the catchy phrase and the message it conveys. Creator Camille Olivia provides posts that are playful, inspiring, and uplifting. Take a look and enjoy!

See you tomorrow with some more fiction!