Exercise On The Go

Staying active is essential as we reach midlife and beyond, and I am always looking for new ways to work out, especially when we’re traveling. Lately we’ve shuttling back and forth between Houston and Washington state in preparation for our move. Staying on an exercise regimen is particularly challenging during this time, with the stress and disrupted routine, so having easy access to a variety of programs makes life much easier.

I think I have mentioned Fitness Class before, which is an iPad app that allows me to take exercise with me. My favorite instructor is Ellen Barrett, with her mind-body approach to aerobic and strength conditioning.

I’ve also discovered an exciting website that I wanted to share called My Yoga Online. For less than the price of a single yoga class, you can watch yoga videos, choosing from a variety of class lengths, difficulty levels, and goals. At home in Washington, I may choose a gentle class in the afternoon after the workday is over. Here in Houston, since I don’t have my free weights to do my strength training, I’m choosing power yoga, which allows me to use my body weight to build strength. My Yoga Online gives me the flexibility (pun intended) to choose the best class for me on a given day.

In addition to the classes, you can read articles and plug into the community. Now, if you’re new to yoga, I would still suggest taking some classes from a teacher to learn proper alignment, but if you are comfortable with yoga and want a variety of classes for your home practice, give My Yoga Online a look.

Happy exercising! I’ll be back next week, reporting from Washington while I wait for my furniture to arrive! Have a great weekend!


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