Good Morning, Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Since I am neck-deep revising two novels, I have kept busy. I’m trying to get the latest versions done before we embark on our next trip in a few weeks. These revisions include increasing detail, so I’ve been “shopping” for my characters, buying them clothes and cars that show their lifestyle. My character Julia absolutely needed a little Mercedes Cabriolet convertible–red, of course! In my real life, I’m not fond of shopping (unless I’m with my sisters!), but I confess that I am having fun feeling like I’m revisiting childhood dress-up play.

As we enter into mid-August, for many of you the nests are emptying out. It’s a good time to think about playing dress-up with our own lives, whether that means trying on new clothes or trying on new activities to discover or rediscover our interests and passions. Last year I learned that I loved gardening, even though I never tried it until age 51. Who knows what surprises are in store, if we just open ourselves to this new phase? What can we learn about ourselves and what holds meaning for us?

While we’re playing dress-up with our new lives, we may feel like young adolescents in other ways, too, as hormones create interesting situations and force mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions. This week, for our Book Discovery Tuesday, I am going to write about Susun Weed. While she has a new book that I haven’t yet read, I have found one of her older ones, The New Menopausal Years, to provide supportive help and relief for menopausal symptoms. It’s tough to be excited about the midlife years when we’re battling exhaustion, depression, and hot flashes! With warm, encouraging words, Susun initiates us into menopause, acknowledging both the challenges and the invitation to shed old roles that no longer serve us.

On Wednesday, we’ll talk more about uncovering our identities now that our roles as mothers diminish. We’ll look at how to find and rekindle old dreams, as well as how to manifest them. We’ll look at ways to cut away those activities that drain us or otherwise take us away from those dreams so that we can take time each day to take care of what truly matters to us.

I’m excited that some of you are starting to contact me and share your experiences! Please keep the feedback coming. Also, if you have a favorite blog to recommend for our Thursday blog feature, please let me know. Have a great week!

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