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12 years ago

Very good, Nadine. I especially like what you say about not abandoning the printed word. It’s okay to embrace technology the printed word is not going away. Just like you said, there is something a little bit special about having that book in your lap and turning the pages.

Tina Barbour
12 years ago

Thanks for sharing this, Nadine. I was not familiar with BEA, so I’m glad to know about it. That must have been exciting to see your book there!

I will always love holding the real book in my hands. I love my Nook, but it has to share my world with my print books.

12 years ago

Oh that is soooo COOL! Look at you at the big show. #awesome

Julie Farrar
12 years ago

Thanks for the tour under the Big Top. I’m so not the kind of person chasing the next big thing. It’s so strange to think that publishers may abandon me because I like to turn real pages in real books. Yes, I too have long had a crush on Dan Rather (yes, I’m a total news geek). And I’m so jealous you got to see the Monet exhibit. I’m glad it was such a positive experience for you.