It’s Blog Recommendation Day!
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In a few minutes I go pick up hubby, who flew in to Seattle last night and has made the journey by train, ferry, and bus to get back to town. One adjustment in our new lifestyle is that we are no longer less than a half hour from the airport, but he’s excited about mass transit — especially the ferries, which are a relaxing way to travel.

Some weeks it’s hard to find a blog to recommend. Others reach out and grab me from the get-go, and Bringing Along OCD is one of them. Blogger Tina Barbour, who has had OCD, anxiety, and depression since childhood, reflects on her journey with love, compassion, and grace. While I do not have OCD, I have written frequently here about anxiety, and I often find myself nodding my head when reading one of her posts. Sometimes I feel as though she’s reading my mind!

These days, we’re either more anxious or more willing to talk about it — or both. While professional help is necessary for healing, if you or a loved one have any of these conditions, it’s helpful to know you’re not alone.

Have a great weekend! “See” you here next week.

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