NaNoWriMo Ate My Homework
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On Thursdays I like to plug the good blogging work of others, and it’s one of the most fun parts of my “job” here at A Woman’s Nest. I take great pleasure in finding interesting blogs and letting others know about them.

November, however, is National Novel Writing Month, and I am one of the crazies that is drafting a novel in 30 days. Given the other projects I lamented here a few days ago, I have to give up something. Sadly, for this week at least, it has meant giving up reading blogs.

Instead, in two days I have written 8,000+ words to a new novel, a family drama that begins at the Thanksgiving table. Three generations are each going through their own age-appropriate crises. The younger ones are trying to strike out on their own, though they still have tight ties to home that they are reluctant to give up. The older generation experiences the illnesses and deaths of dear friends that they’ve known since childhood, along with their own declining health. The middle generation, mine, wants to enjoy their midlife but are feeling weighed down by the needs of children and parents.

Of course, each generation is trying and failing to be heard by the other.

I do not plan in advance what I’m going to write. I have a loose outline to help me guide where I think the story will go, which I tend to toss out entirely in the first week as my characters hijack the story and start telling ME what it’s about.

So, I’m not going to keep hard and fast rules about the blog this month. I will do my best to keep up, but the NaNo calls, and I must follow.  If I normally read and comment on your blog, bear with me; I’ll be back soon.

To my fellow NaNoers: Keep on keeping on. You can do it!

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