I thought I would take a moment to pay tribute to someone who influences my writing life on a regular basis. Mur Lafferty, whose “I Should Be Writing” podcast offers a wealth of resources and inspiration. Mur generally writes sci-fi and fantasy, which are not my cup of tea, so I almost blew off the podcast at first. However, despite its slant toward those genres, ISBW can help writers of all kinds. Today I went to the gym, strapped on the iPod, and let Mur help me work out my writing issues while I sweated on the stair climber. Can’t beat it!

Not only does ISBW provide support for writers, but it also demonstrates by example how to use podcasting and other new media to market our books. Like many writers, I find that the marketing aspect gives me the heebie jeebies, and Mur and her various guests lead the way in tapping into the power of new media.

One of the best things we writers can do is to find those who hold the lanterns and lead the way for the rest of us. Listening to her show, I feel less isolated and more a part of that great tradition of writers who toil away, always looking for ways to become better writers…and to learn better how to share what we’ve written with others.

For anyone who’s interested, visit, or look up I Should Be Writing on iTunes.

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