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  1. How wonderful to live so close to these awesome places! Thank you for sharing these photos.

    We live near the Blue Ridge Mountains, and we like visiting, though we haven’t done a lot of hiking lately. You’ve inspired me, though!

    • Interesting that you mention the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hubby works for a company in North Carolina, and they always have him visit in December. Just this morning he was begging for them to move his visits to spring or fall so we can spend a few days exploring trails off of the Blue Ridge Parkway — which is always closed in the winter. We’ll get there one day!

  2. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite hike. Every one is unique. One of my most memorable was the Black Forest in Germany. The forest was so thick that I began to understand why fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel were created — they had to do something to keep kids from wandering into the thick, dark woods. I’d still love to hike an alpine meadow in bloom in Switzerland or Austria (a la Sound of Music). But still I love hiking our mountain-less Midwest trails in all seasons. It’s enough to be out amid nature and moving my body.

    • Makes me want to visit Germany! We haven’t made it there yet.

      I agree, hiking is fun regardless of where you are. It’s great to get outdoors!

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