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  1. Aww, you’re the best! Just facebooked this entry – I’ve heard great things about Miss Representation and will have to check out your other suggestions!

    • Thanks, Ute! I appreciate it!

      I’m still having trouble leaving comments on your blog. I spent a few minutes this morning trying to figure out the problem, but no luck. *scratching my head* I’ll give it another shot a little later.

  2. Hi Nadine – I appreciated your comment over on Kristen’s site, trotted right on over here to get to know you better, and smiled to see this post. I celebrated International Women’s Day by watching Miss Representation last night… Wow. Maybe that’s a big reason why a post about not being “political” struck such a nerve today! πŸ™‚ I’m glad to meet you and your work.

    • That was some documentary, eh? So powerful. I felt encouraged to have several young people in the audience and a thoughtful discussion about matching us older women with younger ones to create mentoring relationships. Gives me hope! Thanks for hanging out at my blog. I think Kristen does great work…I just hope we can find a healthy balance on the political stuff.

  3. Nadine, I was also at the Port Townsend screening of Miss Representation Wednesday night, and was moved as much by the audience as by the documentary. I agree, it was a great way to celebrate Int’l Women’s Day — a few hours early.

    I found your blog when you made a connection with Local 20/20’s Facebook page (I’m an administrator), and I hope you can find a way to connect with our sustainability group. Glad to have you in town!

    • Hi, Shelly! Thanks for the warm welcome. We are brand-new to town and still going back & forth between PT and Houston for the next few weeks. Once we get more settled, I would love to get involved!

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