Praise for What She Knew


“What She Knew is a wonderful balance of a human-interest tale, romance, and history, €”all wrapped up in a riveting thriller.” — US Review of Books


“What She Knew will be enjoyed by those who appreciate romantic drama, or stories in which women break through professional ceilings and characters who get the chance to do something different with their lives. Those who see their own life’s course and choices reflected in What She Knew may find this a poignant, personal read.” — Foreword Clarion Reviews


“…the story’s earnest appeal and likable characters…make readers feel invested (pun intended) in the outcome.” — Kirkus Reviews


“What She Knew is a great novel that will hook you.” — Manhattan Book Review


“…gripping, thought-provoking read about business, family, and love.” —  D. Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Review of Books


“The conflicting emotions of despising the Wall Street snob and hoping that things work out for her makes for entertaining reading. All in all, What She Knew is an entertaining and eye-opening read.” — Self-Publishing Review | *****



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