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In gratitude for the lives we lead and our good fortune, we like to share with others. To that end, here is our honor roll for those organizations that we feel are doing good work in the community and in the world. If you feel inspired to support them, please do so. Together we can make a difference. – Choose school projects in high poverty areas so that teachers don’t have to dig out of their own pockets!

Jefferson Land Trust – This fine organization stewards lands by protecting them from development and creating habitats for salmon and other wildlife. Through its land easement program, JLT provides assistance to small farmers so they can afford to do what they love — grow food.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – This organization is near and dear to our hearts. My husband’s best friend of 30 years died of the disease after a six-year battle, and we are committed to helping find a cure.

Texas Children’s Hospital – When I was pregnant and my daughter developed a tumor on her heart, Houston did not yet have the facilities to do fetal surgery. Thankfully, that has changed. Texas Children’s is about to open a new center for high-risk pregnancies. We would like fewer people to know the endless pain that the death of a child brings.

Puppies Behind Bars – Prisoners train dogs for use by servicemen and women who suffer from PTSD. The soldiers get the help they need, the dogs get a good life, and the prisoners find purpose and fulfillment, helping in their rehabilitation. A great win all around!

Urban Harvest – This organization provides classes on organic gardening in the Houston area and also supports the growth and function of numerous community gardens so that those without adequate access to fresh fruits and vegetables can get them.

Kiva – Help support small businesses worldwide through microlending.

American Red Cross – Although this organization is far from perfect, they are there when disaster strikes.

Doctors Without Borders – Providing crucial medical care wherever it is needed.

Engineers Without Borders – Bringing fresh, safe water supplies and other needed services to impoverished areas around the world. These people can stretch a dollar like you wouldn’t believe. A little donation can go a long way here.


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  1. Hello from the campaign. There’s a website specifically made to showcase writers who give a part of their book proceeds to charity. Rob Guthrie set up RABMAD, Read a Book, Make a Difference, at to encourage readers to connect with authors who support the cause of their choice. The site doesn’t decide or control donations, just serves to tell where the author sends whatever portion of book proceeds they donate. I blogged about it and tweet because my book isn’t published yet.

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  3. Soroptimist, Greek “Best for Women”, is a great organization we have been attention to sex trafficking and helping with domestic violence.

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