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I continue to read, read, read, but I am refilling my well with new books. Not to worry, there are plenty of good ones out there! No doubt next week I’ll be back to share my latest good reads.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share an update on my own work.

I’m revising two separate projects, both of them very different, and I’m having a wonderful time! First is Factory Girl, set in late nineteenth-century Scotland. Though the inspiration for the book is my great-great grandmother, Factory Girl includes a fairy rebellion as well! It wasn’t my intention, but they showed up in my story, and I decided to let them stay.

The other is untitled as yet. It’s a contemporary women’s fiction work about Elaine, a 60-year-old woman who has been the rock, support, and head cheerleader for her family, but who now wants to explore her own dreams. With a husband who has decided to jump into politics and a daughter who drops off the grandson without much notice, Elaine is meeting a fair amount of resistance! There’s also a handsome art teacher and an untrustworthy friend in the mix. I just finished the second draft, so this may take a while, but it’s a promising project.

Meanwhile, we continue to try to sell our home in the Pacific Northwest so we can move full-time to the East Coast. So far, the market is oddly quiet, so our move date remains uncertain. But these are good problems to have! In the meantime we’re enjoying a summer that is generally mild and pleasant (with the exception of air quality — we’re affected by fires in British Colombia), and I’m getting lots of yummy fruit from the garden.

See you next week!

Nadine’s latest novel, What She Knew, is available on Amazon.

  • I enjoyed our luncheon and discussion of your research for your stories. I can hardly wait for you to finish you books so I can read them! Additionally, your fruit is SO YUMMY!

    If you are feeling in need of much warmer temperatures, feel free to come down here to visit me! Between the smoke from Canada’s fires and the heat, I feel like I have landed in HELL!

    Enjoy your last summer in the NW! You will be missed!

  • The Scottish story sounds interesting! We were in the Canadian Rockies this summer and had the same air quality problems (and haze spoiling the views – on the scale of problems, of course, trivial compared to those of people being evacuated from their homes).

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