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Greetings from the East Village of New York City, where will spend five months in the city before returning home to Washington State. If all goes as planned, we will do this each year.

Life in NYC will give us easy access to our daughter, who lives in Queens. Plus, it’s a short direct flight with no time zone changes back to Miami, where our son lives (I took last week off from blogging while we were there celebrating his wedding). I know, I know, we’re spread out about as far as we can be!

While enjoying the many creative offerings of the city, I’ll also finish up What She Knew in preparation for a late March release. Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways! I also plan to draft Factory Girl in November for NaNoWriMo.

The next several blog posts will likely be filled with our latest adventures as we explore the City that Never Sleeps!

Take care, and I’ll write more next week after we’re settled in.

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