Fast and Furious Figs
On August 19, 2015 | 6 Comments | gardening |

Figs 201Normally, my figs show up in September, but this year, with its odd heat and dryness, I thought I’d better keep an eye on the tree just in case. These figs were plump, sweet, and ready to eat on August 1!

Figs are tricky. If you pick them too soon, they taste like cardboard — and do not ripen once picked. If you wait too long, they burst open on the tree.

When the figs come in, it takes about an hour a day to catch as many of the ripe ones as I can find. As you can imagine from the photo, they blend in with the thick leaves of the tree.

We’ve eaten several and I’ve frozen two batches. I gave a few batches away, too.

As abruptly as they began, they stopped. After a few crazy weeks, the figs seem to be over and done with…although we’re having yet another warmer-than-normal week, so who knows? There are more on the tree, and I’ll keep an eye on them just in case.

Since I’ve kept busy with the harvest, I think I will leave it at that this week — no metaphors today. How’s your summer going?


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