Reflections on the #AtoZChallenge
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This year’s AtoZ Challenge is now in our rear view mirrors, and many of my fellow bloggers are reflecting on how it went. After a few days off from writing, I’ve decided to chime in as well.

I almost didn’t do the challenge, because I had scheduled a trip out of town for two weeks in April. However, by drafting posts ahead of time, I managed to keep up, and I’m glad I did!

Along the way, I met a number of talented bloggers…and in fact, met a nearby blogger in person, along with several of her writer friends! I did not see that coming! Thanks, Gwynn.

I haven’t looked at my stats like some bloggers have, but I had many supportive visitors who left thoughtful comments, for which I am deeply grateful. The engagement via the comments and visiting other blogs was the most fun! I ran across blogs that delighted, inspired, and informed me. There’s a lot of talent out there in the blogosphere!

I’ve wanted to turn my gardening adventures into some kind of book, so it was fun to test some ideas this month by using gardening as my theme.

With the challenge completed, I’ll return to a weekly blog for now. I hope to amp that up over time, but I can stick with a weekly schedule easily. I’m nearly ready to send my latest novel, What She Knew (or maybe, It’s not Personal, or maybe something else — I’m title challenged) to an editor. I have a fun idea for a one-act play, and that would need to be completed by September to make it into a local contest. I also know what the next novel will be about, and I’m planning to start research this fall.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m feeling some real “spark” after this challenge. The creative juices are flowing! There are not enough ways for me to say thank you to all of you — the bloggers, the organizers, the co-hosts. You made April a special month! I send you virtual hugs and look forward to keeping up with several of you.

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