Y is for Yarrow (and Yippee!!!) #AtoZChallenge
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The blossoms of this yarrow will be bright yellow.

The blossoms of this yarrow will be bright yellow.

Welcome all AtoZ Challenge bloggers! After tomorrow, we go back to our normal blogging programming. This month I’ve focused on the garden, but I write about other things, too. I hope many of you will continue to join me, as I plan to continue following many of the great blogs I’ve run across this month.

So, to all of you who have hung in there, congratulations! And yippee!


Yarrow grows freely in the Pacific Northwest. Native yarrow is said to be good for a variety of ailments, from toothache to GI discomfort to menstrual cramps. It may have anti-inflammatory properties.

However, you have to plant the right variety.

In my innocence, I planted ornamental yarrow in my front yard. It’s pretty, with bright yellow flowers (it’s not blooming quite yet, but any day now), but it couldn’t address health conditions I thought it might help. Native yarrow has white flowers and, at least what I have seen, is smaller and more delicate than the aggressive plants I have.

So instead of ingesting yarrow, I had a minor surgery instead, which solved the problem. I’m not fond of doctors, but when you need one, they’re good to have.

The yarrow has since threatened to take over one side of the yard. It and the lavender are duking it out. I keep cutting it back, especially since it tends to swallow up a tentative, shy elderberry plant that is growing slowly.

Still, I like yarrow’s moxie. I’m intrigued by anything that grows easily. The flowers are pretty, and they’re good for covering bare yard and providing nutrients to my pear tree.

I think, though, that I’ll leave herbalism to the herbalists and just enjoy the pretty flowers.

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