S is for Succulent Strawberries! #AtoZChallenge
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The AtoZ Challenge continues! It’s hard to believe we’re on the letter “S” already! Hang in there, everyone!


IMG_3504Thanks to those of you who supported me in my “rest” day yesterday.

Strawberries smell and taste like summer. They typically arrive in June, though I suspect I’ll see them earlier this year — we’re seeing plentiful blooms already. They signal the beginning of berry season, which leads into the blueberries and raspberries of summer, then the grand finale of wild thimbleberries, salal, and blackberries in late summer.

Strawberries ripen during the longest days of the year, when the sun seems never to set on the Pacific Northwest. These are the times I sleep less, when festivals hop into full activity mode, and parties break out spontaneously.

It is a time of magic…so why not a magical fruit? My mouth waters as I think of them. When the strawberries ripen I run down to the garden every day to fetch the latest, freshest offerings, and we eat them all day long.

My strawberries take a break after June, but then I get a bonus round later in the summer. Do I get sick of them? Never.

Not an "S," but I came home to the irises in bloom  and wanted to share!

Not an “S,” but I came home to the irises in bloom and wanted to share!

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