K is for Kale #AtoZChallenge
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Welcome new A to Z friends! If you’re new to this page, my topic is Dishing the Dirt: Life and the Garden. I invite all readers to visit as many of the other A to Z blogs as possible. It’s fun!


Spinach pisses me off. I can grow it, but before I can gather it all, the weather gets too warm and the plant bolts. I have tried placing it in different parts of the garden, but so far it’s just too finicky for me. If a plant is going to make it in my garden, it has to toughen up a bit.


Finicky and fragile. Sounds like me.

Kale fits the bill. It’s both prolific and sturdy, and though it’s from the cabbage family, it doesn’t seem as sensitive to the scourges that have destroyed my broccoli and Brussels sprouts (cabbage worms — ick).

Prolific and sturdy. Maybe I want to be kale when I grow up.

My kale is just planted, so it doesn't look like this...yet!

My kale is just planted, so it doesn’t look like this…yet!

Filled with antioxidants, calcium, and cancer-fighting agents, kale is a powerhouse food. Yet I know a lot of people who turn their nose up at it, even if they haven’t tried it.

For them, I prepare a batch of kale chips. We Americans are a snacky people, so when in doubt, fry it up.

My favorite recipe comes from a now-out-of-business health food store. It’s a simple one: sauteed kale with pinto beans and cornbread. It’s a quick meal (although I soak my beans overnight) to make, simple, colorful, and tasty.

Kale works great in frittatas and soups, too. There are plenty of salad recipes available, but if you’re new to kale, I would cook it first.

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