I is for Irises #AtoZChallenge
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IrisI’ve already mentioned my preference for growing fruits and vegetables. In general, I am indifferent to flowers. However, for as long as I can remember, I have loved irises.

They would crop up in my native Illinois in mid-spring. I drew them and painted them, even though I neither draw nor paint. They bring something out of me that nothing else can. They might even inspire me to poetry, and believe me, I am no poet.

What is it about the iris? Is it the delicate flower? Is it the reedy leaves that shimmer in yellow and green?Iris3

The iris is the flower of both France and Florence, Italy, two places high on my list of favorites. Its soft petals remind the Chinese of butterfly wings.

Iris, the Greek goddess, acted as a link between heaven and earth. Is that what I feel when I see one? That is, perhaps, closest to the truth. Perhaps the iris teaches me what I long for in my own life. The iris symbolizes faith, hope, courage, and wisdom. May I be more like the iris, trusting my gifts and sharing them with others.


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