E is for Easter Lily #AtoZChallenge
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I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a great day! We’re back for the next round of the AtoZ Challenge, where I and hundreds of other intrepid bloggers post something every day but Sunday in April. It’s great fun! Join us!

I’m on the road and away from my garden, but we’ll keep going with the garden theme…hopefully I have enough pics of everything!


I don't have a photo of our Easter lilies, but here's one of another variety.

I don’t have a photo of our Easter lilies, but here’s one of another variety.

I’m not a Christian, and I don’t celebrate Easter (I should be eating matzoh this week, but, well, I’m not).

Still, I the idea of renewal, of beginning again, of rising up. And as we move more fully into spring, we may feel the urge to do some spring cleaning. Some of us like to do dietary cleanses this time of year to renew our bodies and spirits.

It’s time for the lilies to break ground. Easter lilies, in particular, symbolize hope, innocence, purity, and more. In a world filled with so much strife, we need all the hope we can get, don’t you think?


Given the choice, I would probably plant food everywhere. I’m rather indifferent to flowers, though I’m trying to learn more about them. My husband, however, likes “sniffy” things. When the lilies are blooming, or the jasmine, or when I brush up against a rosemary plant, I am reminded of the importance of our olfactory sense.

Smell and Emotions

“Sniffy” things are good for our mood! The scent of flowers can bring us a sensation of peace and joy.

When We Lose Our Sense of Smell

Loss of the sense of smell can be indicative of medical problems, and can also contribute to depression. Loss of sense of smell can also be an early indicator of Alzheimer’s Disease.

If we’re lucky, we can still smell the roses…er, the Easter Lilies. Take some time to drink in the sense of renewal and personal resurrection they can bring to you.

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