A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal!
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Good morning, everyone! This year I venture into new territory: my first-ever Blogging from A to Z. Thanks to all the great folks over at the Insecure Writers Support Group for their guidance as I navigate these new waters.

Today’s the day we reveal our themes for the month! And mine is…drumroll, please…

atoz-theme-reveal-2015 Dishing the Dirt: My Gardening Life

After all, it’s springtime, so that means I’m outside. We live on a double lot that is almost entirely garden space. We dug up most of the grass a few years ago so I wouldn’t have to nag my husband to mow. Last week we installed a new front yard fence so I can continue working on my “food forest” concept without having the local deer munch everything to ruins before it can grow.

Gardening makes me more peaceful (no small feat) and reflective of the rest of my life. I’ve only gardened for five years now, so I still have a lot to learn, but the garden teaches me…and it’s fun!

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge begins Wednesday, April 1. You’re welcome to join us, too! It’s not too late.

All of these blogs will be participating in the Challenge, too! I’m still getting to know a lot of these blogs, but there’s some great material in this group, and I’m looking forward to reading what everyone has to say.

See you April 1!


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