Random 5 Friday – Winter Has Arrived?
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Hi, and welcome to another edition of Random 5 Friday. For more great Random 5s, visit Nancy at A Rural Journal.

Here’s my five for the week!

  1. Cold weather came to visit this week. Yesterday morning it was 28 degrees. Due to a stiff back last week, I couldn’t get the gardening work done that I wanted (still battening down the hatches for winter), so I get to work in the cold. Yippee.
  2. I’ve been working with a local environmental group, and one of my jobs has been to update a website that gives people ideas for saving energy. If you are so inclined, take a look at JeffersonCAN (Climate Action Now). We have a blog, a Facebook page, and even a Twitter account, in an effort to get the word out about how people can lower their carbon footprint.
  3. As you may recall, I’ve been tweaking my diet of late, limiting gluten and sugar. So far I haven’t lost any weight, and I’m still waking up at night. Boo. This week I’ve been able to get back to my normal exercise routine, so hopefully that will help. I am feeling more energy during the day, especially as the week progresses, so I’m showing signs of improvement.
  4. I’m knitting gift items as quickly as I can. I found a simple Christmas stocking pattern that I can make in a single day, and I’ll put candy in them to give as children’s gifts. I’ll post pics once I’ve done the finish work.
  5. The other night we saw All is Lost with Robert Redford. It’s an extraordinary performance, and I applaud him for taking such a creative risk at age 77. He is silent throughout most of the movie.
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