Random 5 Friday — Preparing for Change
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As I write this, we are wrapped in a blanket of fog. Outside, the garden is quiet, save for a few fall veggies that are coming up in between cover crop. Each day we see less and less sun; by the solstice, we will be dark by 4:00 p.m. The daily routine turns ever more inward — “reading season,” a farmer friend calls it. Perhaps it means I can get my blog back to a regular routine? I hope so.

Thanks to Nancy at A Rural Journal for offering Random 5 Fridays. Please check her out, as well as the many great bloggers whose work delights me in so many ways!

Here is my Random 5:

  1. I’m in Day 11 of the 14-day Colorado Cleanse, and I’ve had some profound experiences around my relationship with food and stress. I’ll write more about this soon, but wow! Today is the last day of the “main” cleanse, so tomorrow begins a three-day regimen that adds more food and resets digestive fire.
  2. We’re preparing for travel! We don’t like to leave from May-September. Between the needs of the garden and the many activities, home is the best place to be during that time. Still, we love to travel, and I’m getting itchy feet. Next up: New York City to visit my stepdaughter. We will also spend some time in Pennsylvania, in Amish country.
  3. I recently attended the Write on the Sound writers’ conference in Edmonds, WA, where I returned home exhausted but inspired. I’ve now started draft #3 of my next novel, ready and eager to do the hard work involved to shape it!
  4. I’m one of the last people in the universe to watch Breaking Bad. We’re watching online and are now late in season #2. What a strange show! And yet, we keep watching.
  5. I just finished reading an Advance Reader Copy of Karen Wyle’s Division. Karen writes character-driven sci-fi, and her strengths lie in the way she writes about family relationships. I don’t normally read sci-fi, but this tale of conjoined twins with different and conflicting ideas about how to navigate adulthood is a touching read. She’s releasing the book toward the end of this month.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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