Friday Random 5 — Change in the Weather!
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Aurora Ridge Trail, Olympic National Park

Aurora Ridge Trail, Olympic National Park

Fall arrived a few days ago with an abrupt change in the weather. The wind picked up and the rains came. My lawyer tells me that we had about four times the normal amount of rain in September! Being new to the area, all I knew was that it was rainier than last year. The trees are breaking out their fall wardrobe, and I hope to have some impressive pics in a week or two.

So, while we’re hunkering down, it’s time for another round of the Friday Random 5. To see what other great bloggers are up to, visit Nancy at A Rural Journal!

Here’s my Random 5 for the week:

  1. I made it to the Olympic National Park for a lovely hike on the Aurora Ridge [link not available due to government shutdown — boo hiss]. This hike doesn’t offer the scenic vistas that other hikes do, but it’s a gorgeous trip through the woods. I thought I’d share a photo from where we stopped to have lunch!
  2. I’ve been planting like a fiend: tulip, iris, and hyacinth bulbs, evergreen huckleberry, Oregon grape, and lots and lots of native ground cover. My plan is to turn my yard (eventually) into a “food forest.”
  3. I’m on my way to the Write on the Sound writing conference. Thanks to author Erica Bauermeister for freely sharing all the wonderful opportunities that exist for Pacific Northwest writers. If you’re looking for some good books, check hers out.
  4. This week I canned tomatoes and turned some homely apples into delicious applesauce and apple butter. The pretty ones are in the crisper, waiting to be eaten! I still have more ripening on the trees. We weren’t expecting any fruit this year (the trees are new), but ended up with a wonderful crop.
  5. Next week I start my semi-annual “Colorado Cleanse.” It’s a gentle but effective way of cleaning the digestive system. I like it because creator Dr. John Douillard emphasizes keeping blood sugar levels healthy. Sometimes I do the cleanse on my own, but this time I’m signed up for the group cleanse to get the extra support.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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