Random 5 Friday: Movie Week!
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Thanks, as always, to Nancy over at A Rural Journal for hosting the Random 5! Please visit her site and the rich, quality blogs that connect with her.

Here’s my Random 5:

  1. Today starts the Port Townsend Film Festival. Karen Allen is our special guest, and if we see all the movies on our schedule, we will see 13 films in the next three days! It’s going to be a rainy weekend, so it’s a great time to watch films.
  2. As part of the Film Festival, we host visiting film folks. This year we are hosting a juror and a friend of hers, so we will have a full house. It’s a fun way to meet new people and broaden our horizons.
  3. In non-film-related news, I pulled my tomatoes up this week. I saw the first sign of late blight, which can infect the plants very quickly, so I pulled all remaining tomatoes and now have them ripening in a variety of ways. So far, the winner in the best method of ripening: just putting them on the counter!
  4. One of the movies we’ll be seeing is A Person Known to Me, a short film that includes a few seconds of footage in which my husband plays a drunken brawler. He now has a page on IMDB! The directors filmed in Port Townsend right after last year’s film festival, and we’re eager to see the finished product.
  5. Earlier this year, a local yarn shop was booted from its location…they were renting without a lease, and the landlord decided he wanted to do something different with the property (he hasn’t yet). I had a small part in helping them relocate to a gorgeous new space where their business is now humming along. Since Karen Allen, our film festival guest, is also a fiber artist, they will have a fashion show of knitwear as part of the festival, and Ms. Allen will attend. The fine women (and men!) of The Bazaar Girls have truly landed on their feet and created something magical, and it will be fun to applaud their success this weekend. They work hard, have a great team, and deserve all the good that is coming to them! I feel like a proud mom.

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be visiting blogs early next week, after the festival, so I can see what’s happening with y’all!

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