Random 5 Friday: Farms, Fiber, Food!
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Spider Condos!

Spider Condos!

Thanks to Nancy at A Rural Journal, I’m connecting up with some great bloggers for the Random 5 Friday!

Here’s my list for the week:

  1. At last, my roma tomatoes arrive on Saturday morning, so Monday is designated canning day! Though I’ve had a banner year growing tomatoes on my deck, we eat them like candy no matter how many I pick, so I need a little help from a nearby farm to keep me in pasta sauce for the winter.
  2. This weekend is the annual Fiber & Farm Tour. Last year we had visitors, so we just saw a few farms, but this year we’re making the rounds! I’m hoping to get some garden ideas, compost, and great food. Hubby plans to buy an Icelandic sheep fleece so that he can sit comfortably out on the deck in the cold weather…last year he saw one but didn’t buy it, and this year he refuses to miss out! We love our local farms and are excited about immersing ourselves in them this weekend.
  3. I make my own shampoo and other personal care products. This morning I made a new batch as well as some moisturizer. I get my recipes from Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles. This is another great way to re-use containers and avoid some of the many toxic ingredients in the store-bought stuff.
  4. The spiders have been busy again, as you can see by the photograph. Looks like a spider condo to me!
  5. My stepdaughter is now a Dog Mom courtesy of a recent animal rescue effort. Like all new moms, she’s sleep-deprived, as little Mason has kennel cough. I guess that makes me a grandma! I’ll take whatever I can get. Many thanks to all of those in the Staten Island area who rescued and are caring for these animals.

As you can see below, hubby is happy to deliver produce by bicycle. Yesterday he came home with two giant zucchinis.

Have a great weekend!


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