Small Town Life and the Random 5
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It’s time again for Random 5 Friday, thanks to Nancy over at A Rural Journal, with a special shout-out to Tina Fariss Barbour of Bringing Along OCD. Check them out!

Here’s my Random 5:

  1. Ever since I moved to a different webhosting service, I’ve had problems getting my blog out to my readers. It’s all been user error. Sometimes I wish this techie stuff were easier to deal with. I’m lucky to have in-house tech support since hubby is a software developer, but still…sometimes I feel like my day is spent with updates and troubleshooting instead of the tasks that really need to get done. Hopefully I have things fixed now, but I’m not so sure.
  2. I just joined the “Farmgirl Sisterhood,” and I’m thrilled about being a part of this wonderful concept. The more I immerse myself in this new life, with my gardens and my knitting and whatnot, the more I see the eyes of family and friends glazing over. My stepdaughter calls me a hippie, but I like Farmgirl a lot better…not that I have anything against hippies, but I think Farmgirl is a closer fit. Besides, they have merit badges. Maybe I can redeem myself for my failure as a Girl Scout (another story for another time).
  3. This week I finished reading Erica Bauermeister’s The Lost Art of Mixing, which is a sequel to her first novel, The School of Essential Ingredients. Both are full of heart and interesting characters and, well, food. Lots and lots of mouth-watering food. Now I’m reading The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love, by Kristin Kimball. It starts out with a scene describing a fresh, home-cooked meal, that takes you right into the smells and flavors. I’m sensing a pattern here.
  4. Speaking of food, I picked plums off the tree to have with my breakfast. Woo hoo! Happy dance!
  5. Last night I listened to a webinar by Ram Dass, the spiritual teacher known for his association with Timothy Leary at Harvard back in the 60s. Ram Dass is 83 now, with slow speech due to a stroke some years back. While I didn’t hear anything new from him, watching his commitment to teach and share at his age inspired me. He’s one of my “wise elders,” which I’ll share more about in a future blog post…though since I saw him in person in the 1980s, I was reminded that we are all getting older, like it or not.

How are you doing? Join us in the Random 5 by linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal! Happy weekend!

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