Nov 022012

We’ve all had a tough week. A little fun won’t take away Sandy’s devastation, but we might as well have some laughs where we can.


Just for grins, here are some photos from the recent annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, where “cheating is not a right, it’s a privilege.” The first such festival was held here in 1983, making it the third oldest kinetic sculpture festival. Vehicles must be operated by humans (not engines) and prove their ability to travel on land, water, and in mud and sand.

Costumes? This is how we normally dress around here!

. The goal, as I understand it, is not to win, but to come in somewhere in the middle. Just another day in a wacky paradise!

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

The ability to pop a wheelie isn’t required, but if you can, why not?

Crisis at the parade as one sculpture has a flat.

The flowerpot proves that it can float!

It’s hard work passing the water test.


  4 Responses to “Friday Fun — The Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race”

  1. Great photos–looks like a fun event! I’ve never heard of a kinetic sculpture race, but it looks challenging! :-)

  2. Nadine, these shots are great! I love the flower pot! Who says creativity is dead? Activities like these demonstrate that it’s alive and well! Thank you for sharing these with us! :)

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