Die Vampire Die! (And Other Inspirational Songs)
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A sign we saw on our recent trip to Forks!

Since Hallowe’en is coming, I’ve been humming one of my favorite Broadway show tunes. A few years ago we saw [title of show] (which isn’t a typo, that’s the name of the show, complete with the brackets), and we use many of its songs as a source of creative inspiration. Die Vampire Die is a ditty about the creative “vampires” that can suck our creativity dry, and it has a way of bringing me back to a place of determination and resolve.

Sometimes we have a family crisis, or a crisis of confidence, but a lot can get in the way of our creativity. When that happens, we need a little boost to keep us going, to prevent that short break from turning into a long one.

When I get into those funks that make me want to give up, I use music to bring me back to the present moment so I can believe in myself again.

Some other songs to light the creative fire:  How Bad Do You Want it? by Tim McGraw; The Resolution by Jack’s Mannequin; The Rising by Bruce Springsteen; Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson; and God’s Promise by Ellis Paul (lyrics by Woody Guthrie). Enjoy this musical interlude!

How about you? Do you have favorite songs to lift your spirits when you’re feeling discouraged?

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