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I guess food and weight are on my mind this week. After a couple of weeks of travel, plus a few more weeks of hanging out downtown to avoid the remodeling, I am back up a few pounds. Why is it so hard to lose the weight, but so easy to gain it back? This week I have returned to the Weight Watchers online program from which I had strayed, counting my points and measuring my portions. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: when I measure portions I eat less but feel more satisfied. Funny how that works!

Losing weight, for me, is about maintaining health. In my case, family genetics don’t allow me to get away with any extra weight — we are cholesterol prone, with a nasty history of early heart attacks and strokes, and I want to stay off medication if at all possible. So far I’ve been successful, but a few extra pounds here and there caused numbers to creep up a little.

If you’re a snacker, I invite you to check out Snack Girl. Snack Girl offers a variety of ways to enjoy snacking but cut the calories way down. Visit the site, and you’ll get plenty of recipe ideas as well as thoughtful blog posts. In fact, the other day while discussing Cinnabon alternatives, she made sure that the Cinnabon photos were in black and white — just a small way of reducing temptation!

And here, because I’m feeling abundant today, is a bonus recommendation:  Right after I had decided to recommend Snack Girl, I ran across a blog post by one of my fave bloggers, Bella, at One Sister’s Rant. Reporting from the world of fashion, Bella has alerted us to a new term “fatkini.” It’s frustrating that we women are still hating ourselves and our bodies and using derogatory terms to describe ourselves and our clothing. I’m all for health and maintaining healthy weight, but let’s be kind to ourselves, shall we? Go visit Bella and her pooch, Roxy Lee, and show them some love.

It’s a gorgeous day on the peninsula. I’m leaving the crazy remodeling noises to get a nice, long massage today! I hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Tuesday!

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