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This last week I had the pleasure of finding Derek Blass on Twitter, and I thought I’d pass along his website.

Blass and I have little in common. He writes thrillers, while I write character-driven women’s fiction. He says he sees action in his head; I see inner struggles and other introspective qualities.

I haven’t read his work (YET, though it’s on my list!), and he likely hasn’t read mine.

He’s also a guy, while I speak mostly to women in my blog (with thanks for the men who are loyal readers in spite of that).

So, why promote his work? Simple. We share the common goal of wanting others to succeed. In my little blog, I write a lot about physical and mental health, in hopes that others may benefit from my experience. As a writer, I am also a voracious reader, and I believe in supporting and promoting the work of other indie authors who are doing super work!

Blass is generous with other writers. His website includes tips for writers, including an “Amazon for Dummies” article that is particularly helpful! He offers inexpensive options for indie authors to promote their work on his site. He’s also started the #amazonlikes hashtag on Twitter, and I invite you to follow him at @DerekBlass.

If you’re not a writer but love to read, check out Derek’s books, as well as the other indie authors featured on his site. Remember, buying books from indie authors helps them continue to entertain us!

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Memorial Day holiday!

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