Get Ready for the Summer of Indie!
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Thanks, Marlene Dotterer, author of The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder (a great read, if you haven’t checked it out yet!), for letting me know about the Summer of Indie.

What’s that, you ask?

If you’re a writer or reader or both, you’ll love getting info about great indie books at the Go Indie website. It’s a great way to get to know up-and-coming authors and their books. I’m going to participate. Are you in?


A blog note: my editor has just returned Blood & Loam to me with her latest revisions. Although the book is getting closer to completion, it still needs a fair amount of work. It’s a dark tale that takes me to places in my mind that I’m uncomfortable going, so it’s taking additional effort and drafts to get the story to where it needs to go.

In addition, I have started working on a new idea for a novel that has me jazzed! It’s great to be working on books after taking a rather long break, but it does mean that I have to clear my schedule to make room. For that reason, starting next week, I will continue with Wednesday and Thursday posts. I will leave the Tuesday posts as “optional” for now.

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