Thursday Blog Shout-Out
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I’m feeling a bit guilty. I might have been tough on the guys a few days ago when I ranted about how we women often don’t take time for ourselves, while our male counterparts just go do their thing. If anything, I think we should admire the guys for that and even emulate that behavior — so I hope that my male readers will know that I never intend to “bash” men.

Anyway, it’s Thursday, and time for a blog shout-out. Normally I focus on women, since that is my primary audience, but since I am feeling a tad guilty, I want to recommend a guy’s blog that I consider worthy. One of his posts made me cry, and anyone who can move me with his or her words gets my vote!

So please go visit Brad the Dad to get a parenting perspective from the male point of view.  My own hubby is and has been an involved father, so I appreciate all the hard-working dads out there who don’t see child-rearing as “woman’s work.”

BLOG NEWS: Next week I will be in a virtual yoga conference, so I’m going to take a break and will be back on Monday, February 13th! “See” you soon!

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