Time for a Blog Recommendation!

It’s Thursday, so it’s that time again to talk about someone else’s blog for a change! I always check my Twitter feed for people who are doing interesting things, and I’m never disappointed.

This week’s recommendation is Aging Abundantly, a great website for the over-50 set. It is so chock-full of information and inspiration that I won’t even try to sort it out here! Suffice to say that if you visit the site, you’ll find anything and everything you want to know about enjoying this stage of our lives!

I’m keeping things short today. I’m finishing the latest revisions to Blood and Loam in hopes of getting it into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, and I have a lot to do! At least I finally know, after a number of rewrites, the way it needs to end. It’s had an ending all along, and that doesn’t change, but my method of getting there is changing — and that’s a good thing. I finally feel satisfied that I am doing my absolute best!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back on Monday.

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