Today It’s All About Other Bloggers!

This morning we’re off to beautiful Victoria, B.C., where I hope we will have tea at the Empress! Yum! We will drive to Port Angeles and take the ferry over. It will be a lovely break from all the house hunting (we may have found another one, but I won’t say more for now). In the meantime, it’s Thursday, so it’s my usual day to applaud other bloggers. Today, though, as part of accepting the recent blog award from Jodi Aman, I won’t just pick one! Nope, today I get the pleasure of mentioning several of my favorites. I’ve mentioned some of these before, but they bear repeating.

By the way, Jodi not only has a great blog, but has also shared a wonderful list of bloggers. I recommend that you take a peek at Heal Now and Forever if you haven’t yet!

Without further ado, here are some, though not all, of my faves:

Zencherry – The Zen Corner – For making me laugh and recalling the warmth and spirit of Erma Bombeck.

Over 50 and Happy  – Nina Knox is such a joy, always positive and filled with effervescent life.

Totsymae – Totsymae has one of the most intriguing and original voices in the blogosphere today. She’s also one heck of an artist.

Presence of Magic – When you’re feeling down or discouraged, come here for a gentle, angelic lift.

From Agoraphobia to Zen – Marilyn Mendoza shares her honest struggle of living with agoraphobia. As someone who lives with an anxiety disorder, too, I relate to her struggles and applaud her triumphs.

GrrlGuide – Thought-provoking, interesting, meaty blog posts.

Writing and Living – Richard Hughes is not only a fine writer, but is a supporter and cheerleader for other writers as well. It’s been a pleasure to get to know his work these past few months.

Renovating Rita – A woman of resilience, intelligence, and grace. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned her blog here before — sorry, Rita, a mention of you is way overdue!

Thus Spake the Hermudgeon – You’ll love the Hermudgeon as much as I do. She’s warm and generous, and has maintained her sense of humor despite a challenging cancer battle.

That’s more than seven, but I could just keep going. To my blogger friends, if you’re not listed here today, I’ll be back next week with more recommendations! Have a great weekend!

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