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Since last week was intense, I thought I would include some soothing photos from the Conservatory Garden in Central Park to begin our week with a smile!

Central Park

A lovely respite from protests and the overall busy-ness of NYC.

I seldom do commercials. In fact, I am squirming now with the thought of doing one at all. I blog because I love to, and I hope through my adventures that my readers see something of themselves. It’s always easier to promote the work of others.

That said, I have work of my own to promote today. At long last, The Foreign Language of Friends is now available on Amazon Kindle. In the next 2-4 weeks, it will also be available on other e-readers as well. At Amazon’s suggestion, I am creating a POD paperback version for those who want their paper books. I’ll post again once the book is available in these other formats.

I’ve priced The Foreign Language of Friends at the low, low price of $1.99, so buy early and buy often, and tell all your friends! If you haven’t seen my Friday postings before, check them out to get the first several chapters for nothin’. Yep, this is a commercial. Please buy my book! Help me keep my fabulous editor in business. She’s worth every penny. Plus, it’s a fun story. I had a great time creating it!

If you buy it and like it, may I ask one more favor? Please take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon. Thanks kindly in advance.

Now I am learning all about blog tours and am ready to gear up. I discovered, which looks promising. Bryce Beattie, creator, conceived of the idea when he was working on his own blog tour. matches authors who want to promote their work with blogs who are willing to feature authors. If it works, it can really simplify the process.

If you’re an author who is interested in BlogTour, take a gander at the website and sign up. You’ll find me listed there as a blogger willing to interview authors and their works, as long as they fit in with the general flavor of A Woman’s Nest.

More Flowers

It may be October, but there are plenty of flowers still in bloom!

In the meantime, my period of rest is over! My fabulous aforementioned editor, Jill Bailin, has turned Blood and Loam over to me for revisions, and it looks like she’ll be keeping me busy for a while. I also do my own book layouts, so I’ve pulled The Foreign Language of Friends into my trusty Adobe InDesign to get that done. And, I fully intend to do NaNoWriMo, which comes up in just a few weeks. Thankfully, my good She Writes friend Jodi Aman is offering a FREE 21-day meditation challenge in November, and I’ll need it to get some zen during all the craziness. It’s all good! I was getting a little cranky without a writing project, and I’m much happier when I’m juggling a lot of plates.

We’re back on track with my typical blog schedule, so I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for my latest book review. Have a great week!


Peace! Shalom! Shanti!

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