Good Morning, Monday! Happy October!
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Chocolate Mint

Fresh chocolate mint is re-appearing after it appeared to be dead!

Day five into my Yoga Journal cleanse, I’m excited about the process. Overall I have felt energized, and not hungry at all. Yesterday I started to get sick of kitchari, but I can hang in there for a few more days.

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been cleaning out our house, too, and that feels good. A huge stack sits in the front of the den, waiting to be donated tomorrow. Rooting through the “stuff,” we find treasures and memories. Stories emerge. We both feel lighter, happier.

Certainly, resting and cleansing can bring up a lot of old, stuck emotions, but as we pass through them and get to the other side, we find new ideas and make new plans. Life starts to look shiny and new again. This month, we will explore “lightness.” Part of me says, “uh oh,” because I’m a fairly intense, serious individual…but maybe because of the cleansing and cleaning, I feel more ready to play.

Green Peppers

Cooler weather brings out new baby bell peppers.

This morning I spent some time in the garden. The Texas drought destroyed a good bit of my vegetables and even some native plants that were supposed to withstand the lack of rain. A few days ago, a front moved through and at least brought the heat down — our highs are now in the upper 80s, and the air is dryer. The mornings feel downright pleasant!


New Blooms on the Sage

Anyway, as I wandered the garden, using stored rainwater to give the plants a drink, I saw signs of hope. A tiny new strawberry leaf here, carrot seedlings there, and even a re-emergence of the salvia that looked hopelessly dead. New peppers have appeared, and the sage is blossoming again. It doesn’t take much relief for plants to start coming back!

After a long, difficult summer, change is in the air, healing change. No, the drought isn’t over — it may go on for years, the forecasters tell us — but we are getting a bit of a respite. I’m sick of the drought and sick of kitchari, but hope emerges. The cleanse will end, the heat will lessen, and a glorious season is around the corner. I can hang in there a little while longer.


A Salvia Comeback?

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