Good Morning, Monday! Make Way for the New!
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Last week my stepson finished some clean-up in his room and then headed off to Goodwill with a collection of donations, including a few boxes that Henry and I had already collected and had piled in the front of the den. Since nature, and I, abhor a vacuum, I have filled up the space with more boxes. It’s cleaning time.

As I go through the boxes, emotions surface. There’s a book that my grandmother left behind. Oh, and look at that group of yoga books that brought a smile to my face just by looking at them. Here’s a book I never finished because I didn’t like it — so why am I hanging on to it? Then there are the clothes…a pretty skirt that I’ll never wear again because my style has changed. I find about a dozen belts, and I can’t remember the last time I wore one.

We dig through about a dozen boxes in the store room, too, sorting out old tax returns, broken toys, and other garbage that has traveled with us through multiple moves. As we remove the layers of decay, we also discover treasures: old family photos, the early artwork of children now grown. Since I wasn’t around when they were growing up, Henry tells me the stories behind some of the masterpieces, allowing me a deeper glimpse into the family history.

We clean out periodically to declutter our home and spirits. We keep that which is meaningful and toss or donate the rest. We now have books, CDs, and DVDs on our computers, lightening the physical load of “stuff.” We even feel lighter in our bodies as we do so.

In this month of September, as we’ve explored meditation, active rest, and other good stuff, the result is more efficient use of the energy we have toward being true to ourselves.  This week, we will further the process by discussing cleansing — our homes, our bodies, our minds, and our hearts.

We’re making way for the new. As we continue in our journeys, finding ourselves and letting go of what no longer serves us, I’m excited about what lies ahead. I hope you visit more this week and share your own thoughts about decluttering our lives.

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