Good Morning, Monday! Heading Home
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Our return trip home from Switzerland didn’t go exactly as planned. We landed at Dulles Airport in D.C. early but got stuck on the tarmac due to a thunderstorm. After a long walk to immigration and a lost bag that took another hour or so to turn up, we missed our connection to Houston. We stood two hours in the customer service line at United — our attempts to solve the problem by phone didn’t work out. Many were in far worse shape than we were. A number of people were connecting through Montreal to get to Europe, but the Montreal flight got canceled. One cute couple behind us had a trip to Rome planned, and they were going to have to wait two more days to get there.

United put us up for the night at the Hyatt (not a bad thing) and covered our cab fare to get to the hotel. They also fed us. It all worked out, I think, because had we made our flight we would have been driving home from the airport with little rest and plenty of jet lag. We’re heading back to Houston on a 7:00 a.m. flight, so we’ll be back in our little house this morning.

Meanwhile, back in Texas, evacauees from the fires are starting to return home, some sooner than expected. They are coming home to some damage, but just the sight of home is causing them to be giddy with excitement.

This week, I think we’ll look at “coming home.” In particular, since we’re relaxing and flowing this month, we’ll start with coming home to ourselves and to our breath. On Tuesday I’ll talk about one of my favorite breathwork CDs, and on Wednesday I’ll share my perspective on using the breath to center, energize, and heal us. When we come home to ourselves, we are at home wherever we are.

I love Switzerland, and I feel sad to leave it. We had such a wonderful time, and we’re starting to build relationships in the little village of Sils and nearby St. Moritz. I guess it’s starting to feel like home, too, in its own way. We’re going to practice our German and try to communicate better in the local language when we return next year.





Beautiful Downtown Sils, Switzerland

View from Final Hike

Photo From Our Last Hiking Day

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