Blog Discovery Thursday: Baby Boomer Cafe
On August 25, 2011 | 4 Comments | blogs | Tags: , , , ,

I fell asleep to the sound of thunder, a rare sound these days in Houston. Our high temperatures have hit at least 100 degrees every day in August with no end in sight. I stepped outside this morning to find the ground somewhat moist–the thunder did not portend a storm for our area. Still, I’ll take whatever relief I can get.

Today I am rewriting the first scene of my upcoming novel, Change of Plans, and will then send it back to my editor for review. While I’m working on that, I’ll share with you a blog that looks really great. Thanks to my hubby for finding it for me!

The Boomer Cafe has been around for twelve years and features writings by Boomers and for Boomers who want to maintain an active lifestyle. From humor to finances, Boomers can find plenty to read about. Plus, you’ll enjoy the comments that readers share. It’s a lot of fun! Check it out when you get the chance.

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