Thursday Blog Recommendation: National Association of Baby Boomer Women (NABBW)

Good morning, everyone!

I love Thursdays, because I get to share other websites that both inform and entertain, providing you, the reader, with much more content than I could provide alone. In recent weeks as I have revamped this blog, I have found genuine pleasure in finding resources to share. We Boomer women are forming a remarkable presence on the World Wide Web, with plenty of thoughtful insights and fine writing.

Today’s website is a real goodie! It’s the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. Here you’ll find a gathering place for articles of interest on women’s health, finances, humor, and more. the NABBW provides a staggering amount of information in an accessible format.

If you want to join the NABBW, you will pay $75, though there are ways to get discounts on that fee. However, I am currently at the “free” membership level, which allows me access to a wide range of information. So, you’ll have an opportunity to check it out before forking over any money.

Enjoy! I’ll be back Monday with more news and musings.


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