Thursday Blog Recommendation Day: GypsyNester
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Last week when we were returning home from San Juan Island, I said to my husband, “Maybe we should just sell the house and be gypsies.” We love to travel and do so as much as possible. If it weren’t for my garden, which always brings me home, life on the road sounds like great fun.

Well, it would appear that David and Veronica have embraced this very idea! They have turned empty nesting into an art form, recognizing that life after kids can be fun. In the next couple of weeks we’ll discuss that more in the Wednesday feature posts, but the Gypsy Nester website shows how dynamic and interesting midlife can be, so it’s a great prelude to what’s coming here at A Woman’s Nest.

From travel narratives to reflections on midlife issues (such as, how do you define midlife?), David and Veronica have saved me a lot of time and energy by blogging about topics that I would have eventually gotten to. They even have a “Shop” page with plenty of fun items for those ready to celebrate life after kids.

Visit GypsyNester at: Enjoy!


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