Good Morning, Monday!

We have returned from a lovely vacation in Washington state, where we visited and hiked on Mt. Rainier, saw friends and family in Seattle, and then had a few quiet days on San Juan Island.

Seeds of Wisdom

Seeds of Wisdom by Terrea L. Bennett

While there, I ran across this lovely print by Terrea L. Bennett. Actually, I bought four pieces of her work because it really spoke to me, but this one, called Seeds of Wisdom, captures the spirit of what I want for this blog. Here is a woman who ages with joy and whimsy intact, and who shares her wisdom with generosity, the way a dandelion scatters its seeds. The dandelion, much like women at midlife and beyond, is often unappreciated but loaded with extraordinary gifts, shared freely if we only take the time to receive them.

Now that we’re back, I’m eager to embrace the week on this blog. I’ll be reviewing Ana Forrest’s Fierce Medicine, and we’ll delve more deeply into the topic of the empty nest. And, since my editor was busy while I was gone, I’ll be revising Change of Plans in hopes it will be ready as an e-book novel for the holiday gift-buying season!

Just for fun, here’s a view outside of our bed & breakfast on San Juan Island. Have a great week!


View Outside our Bed & Breakfast on San Juan Island


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