Check Out the Old G.A.L. Project
On August 4, 2011 | 4 Comments | blogs, travel | Tags: , , , ,

We are leaving our Seattle-area vacation for hot, hot Houston today. Our final stop on this tour was a visit to San Juan Island, where we see deer every morning on the B&B property. We have also sighted Orcas, eagles, harbor seals, foxes, and more. In the fresh air and sunshine, I have gotten some much-needed rest, allowing new creative ideas to emerge.

In the meantime, as I expand my Twitterverse, I have run across a number of blogs that touch on many of the topics that I will, but in different ways. I thought Thursday would be a good day to share those with my readers.

One that I have read recently is the Old G.A.L. Project (as in Get A Life). Our blogger has retired and is looking for life after the job. She’s looking for love, seeking her passion in life, and trying to lose weight–subjects we can all relate to. Some posts are funny, while others are touching. I’m going to follow her journey, and I invite you to do it, too.

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