Good Morning, Monday!
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As I write this, I am sitting in a bed and breakfast on San Juan Island in Washington state. The battles of Washington D.C. are far, far away, and I spend little time on my computer each day to get upset yet again about the goings-on, or lack thereof. Outside a fountain provides a peaceful flow of water, and downstairs, a hearty breakfast is cooking.

We spent a few days near Mt. Rainier. I hiked while Henry biked (the 154-mile RAMROD bike ride). While there, we found several snow-packed areas that caused us to rethink our hiking plans.

After a few more days in Seattle, where we visited friends and family, we  arrived on the island yesterday afternoon.  Eager to enjoy the sunny day, we found a hike with enough climbing to require poles. After spending months in Houston’s blistering heat, the cool, fresh air provides a welcome respite.

We ate dinner on the northwest side of the island, where we watched the sunset and the nightly ritual of retiring the flags. This ceremony honors the flags of Great Britain, Canada, and the United States, whose influences and histories converge on this tiny island. I got a lump in my throat as I watched the ceremony. I love my country, in spite of the politicians who seem hell-bent on destroying it.

Today we will look for Orcas and visit a lavender farm…apparently the lavender is in bloom, and I’m told it’s spectacular this year. What a delightful surprise!

This week begins the new version of the blog. We’ll spend a lot of time this month exploring empty nesting, but we’ll also discuss some great books that help us navigate midlife needs and challenges. Have a great Monday!

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