The Lure of the Resolution

As we count down the last minutes of 2009 and wait for a certain glittering ball to drop in Times Square, many of us are jotting down resolutions. Once again we renew promises to ourselves, and even if we have a tendency to break them as early as January 2, the lure of the resolution still tempts us, draws us in, gives us new hope of possibilities.

Generally, I don’t have resolutions, though I do like to have a focus for the coming year. For me, weight loss and other such resolutions never seem to work. When I focus on my dreams, though, I find resolutions…some might call them goals…to be effective. What about you? Do you make resolutions for your dreams? If so, how do they work out? Are there any you want to tweak for 2010?

Here’s a little summary of how 2009 worked out for me, along with my hopes for 2010:

As I write this, it appears that I will keep my promise to finish Blood and Loam by this coming Saturday. After 20 years, I’m calling it done! This means that 2010 is the time to start querying. Normally I prefer being my own publisher, but I’ve decided, at least for now, to try the traditional route with my first novel. If not, well, you’ll be hearing me podcast it later in the year.

At the beginning of 2009, I didn’t realize that I would have a completed editing project in my hands. Patchwork & Ornament, originally meant for family only, grew into a full-fledged book. Quickly. On a whim, I threw together the first ten pages and a synopsis and submitted it to the Texas Writers’ League Manuscript Contest. When I say threw together, I mean it. I had barely finished reading the journals, and most of what I would end up using lay in an unsorted pile on the floor when I entered the contest…and yet, it became a finalist! Go figure. With the final book in hand, I began to seek reviews, and we just received our first one from Feathered Quill, 5 stars on Amazon!

As with Blood and Loam, it looks like 2010 will require effort on my part to let people know that the book exists. I’ve done several news releases already, but it looks like I’ll be rolling up sleeves to write some articles as well.

I have made the decision not to reprint When a Grandchild Dies, but I will keep it alive online through pdf and audio formats. I love technology! I promise in 2010 to update the Resources section, which is now available free online at a Grandchild Dies Resources Page.html.

So, looking at 2010, it appears that the first part of the year will be focused on marketing two very different works. I’m in the midst of moving, so current plan is to start the new novel by March at the latest. I also plan to finish and podcast Exodus (still need a final name, darn it), which I will offer as free content on the gal in sky site.

I hope that everyone reading this blog has a happy, healthy 2010! May your resolutions come to pass and all your dreams come true!

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