The Wonders of New Media
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My first job was as an accounting secretary for a small manufacturing firm in Peoria, Illinois, and my equipment consisted of a manual typewriter. Copy machines were new-fangled curiosities, and Windows wasn’t even a gleam in Bill Gates’ eyes. So forgive me if I’m a little late to the New Media party.  Still, I think I’ve adapted a little better than some of my peers. Recently I heard some major freaking out by writers who were learning that Facebook, blogs, etc., are a really good idea.  There was a collective, “Gee, do we have to?” in the room.

Unlike some of my gracefully aged and fabulous peers, I’m fascinated by New Media. Since getting on Facebook a few months ago, I’ve stayed in touch with family members that are scattered to the winds. I’ve never been much for small talk, but in the simple “here’s what I’m up to” in my posts and the posts of my friends, we are building better relationships. I like that.

Recently I learned that I was “supposed to” do a blog. Okay, I thought, it’s good for writing warm-ups and introducing new material. What I didn’t understand was how easily we in the writing community can find each other for support, encouragement, and good ideas. Still a newbie, I’m learning how to find others’ blogs and create connections. Already, the friendships are building, and wow!  There are some really cool people out there, and a lot of them are writing!  And when I write my little musings, omg, people write back.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but give that old dog an internet connection, and you just never know!

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